Is RCI a Rip off?

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RCI, or Resorts Condominiums International is a timeshare exchange company, which has its resorts spread around the world. Only 2 timeshare businesses lead the world right now, and RCI is one of them. Recently, many people have had complaints regarding RCI and their high prices, and new clients are reluctant to avail of their service.

Points in Favor of RCI

Here are a couple of points in favor of RCI:

Old Company Functioning Since 1974

RCI is an old company that has been functioning for a long time, so professionals working in this business are well-versed in their work. Moreover, they understand their clients very well and that can do only but good for the clients. Very few companies out there have been in this business for this long, and even fewer are well known and acclaimed in the market.

Has a Lot of Branches Around the World

This company has a total of 4300 resorts affiliated to them and functions in around 110 countries. Few other companies provide this range of options, and that can be a point in their favor. RCI charging higher than other companies may be justified if we keep just this point into consideration. However, the true verdict can only be reached once we see the other side of the coin.

Points Against RCI

Here are a couple of points against RCI:

RCI Today is Not Like the Old RCI

RCI may be an old company, but with each generation, the leadership changes. The leadership right now might not be as capable as the lead in the company’s early days. One could argue that the business has only expanded with time, but on the other hand, it should be kept in mind that expansion may not necessarily equate to progress. An uncontrolled expansion could lead to more instability.

Accused of Having a Lot of Hidden Fees

Customers that have walked out of RCI usually complain about the heaps of hidden fees they have to pay. Although it may be mentioned in the contracts, they are usually too long and people do not read them, so it’s natural for them to get surprised. They have to pay annual fees and maintenance fees every once in a while, and that can be frustrating in the long run.

Many Clients Don’t Get a Resort

To put the nail on the coffin, many clients have complained that they do not get a resort despite waiting for years for the time to come. It could be because RCI has too many customers, but if many of them cannot get the place they won’t there’s no point. It should be noted that this problem occurs only in certain regions, not in every location they have a resort.


Given the discussion above, we could say that it really depends on the location, because their service is not consistent everywhere. Look at the quality of their service in different locations, and if they are on your list, you may make good use of them. Otherwise, you can look for another service.

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