The ultimate drinking holiday? The amazing Mexican tequila tour

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As the saying in Mexico goes: ‘For all that is bad, mezcal, and all that is good as well.’

And long before it became the number one mezcal drink Tequila was a place.

The city in the western state of Jalisco made such delicious mezcal in the 16th century that word of it spread far and wide.

Before long the distilled spirit produced there became known simply as tequila and unlike all other mezcal – which can be made from a wide variety of agave cactus – tequila can only be made from blue agave.

For many years tequila has held a reputation as a bad-tasting spirit knocked back with salt and lemon to simply get you drunk – a reputation that persists across many parts of the world today.

But a new tour for holidaymakers is set to blow that outdated image out from the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

The Te Amo Tequila Tour has been designed to cater for the novice mezcal drinker as well as keeping the most devout of tequila aficionados content and will educate about the wonders of the spirit.

Once in the city of Tequila travellers will stay at the eclectic Matices Hotel de Barricas and sleep in giant tequila barrels. And guests will be taken on the La Cata Tequila Tasting & Pairing tour, a horseback riding tour and a tour of Orendain’s Distillery.

Travellers will also visit Puerto Vallarta – another hotspot in tequila country – staying at the five-star Secrets Vallarta Bay resort.

While there Schroeder will take guests on a Mexology tour, a Noble Corazon Tequila Tasting and a tour of Oscar’s Distillery.

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